Solution Finder App 2020

At BIZOL we want you to be able to find the best, cost-effective solutions for your every-day work, and are looking for new ways to help you achieve this. With this in mind, we updated our Solution Finder App. No matter if it is the engine, the air conditioner, the brake, cooling or fuel systems: we have the best, high quality product for every car component.

This is all you can do with our BIZOL Solution Finder App

  •     learn about the most common problems to be found in a car

  •     find the newest solutions that BIZOL products are designed to fix

  •     identify the best oil for every engine using our BIZOL Oil Guide  

  •     discover professional marketing material in our Marketingportal

  •     incorporate more knowledge with our Blog

  •     find our updated products in our BIZOL website

Our app is now available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Available in following languages: English

If you need this app in another language please don´t hesitate to contact us (contact form below).


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Availability: Out of stock

- Minimum Android 2.3.1
- 1024*768
- 200 MB free memory
- 1 GB Ram
- Please make sure that you have an Google account

The app is optimized for Android TABLETS. It works on smartphones as well but has not the same user experience as on tablets.

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

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