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Clean your gasoline injector system with BIZOL

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A frequently underestimated problem that many mechanics are certainly familiar with is deposits on and in the injectors. Causes for the deposits are often a low fuel quality or missed maintenance intervals of the customers. This usually has negative consequences for the engine performance: injection takes place in an unbalanced fuel-air mixture, which leads to reduced efficiency in fuel combustion.

In order to give them the best possibility to clean the dirty injectors in the workshop, BIZOL has developed Pro Gasoline System Clean+ p80. The highly concentrated detergent can be introduced into the fuel circuit without removing the injectors and thus clean them. Special Deposit Control Additives (DCA) prevent the premature formation of deposits in the fuel system, on the valves, and on and in the injectors in the long term. A first professional cleaning of the fuel system should be carried out after 80,000 to 100,000 km and then every further 60,000 km.

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