FAQ page


We love to help you doing more business. So please find here the most asked questions (FAQ). If you can´t find your solutions, please feel free to contact us.

How does it work?

All print and web medias have a "Download Table" in the detail page. By clicking on the respective language, the file will be downloaded. You can save it on your computer in order to work on it.

What is "Share by E-Mail"?

With this function you can generate an E-Mail with a link to the respective product. If the recipient has also access to this portal, he will be directed to the product.

What is "Wishlist"?

Put the products you like most to the wishlist in order to check again later or to send the links via E-Mail. For example check the portal on your tablet (smart phones will be supported soon) and download them later on your desktop.

Does it work on mobile devices?

This BETA version is not optimized for mobile devices. But we are developing respective versions for phone and tablet.

Can I purchase the merchandising products through this portal?

Please contact your BIZOL sales consultant as a direct purchase process is not possible. Our sales consultants will assist you to find the most appropriate products for your market.

What are the costs for me?

This is a total free service for you. It is our intention to support you with effective solutions for your business.

Are the items actual?

Yes they are. We will only upload actual files to our Marketing Services Portal.

In which languages are the files available?

In the product detail page the available languages are shown by the country code. If your language is not available, please feel free to contact us.

What if no files for my campaign idea is available?

Our Marketing Services Portal is aimed to be an acitve portal. We appreciate any kind of proposals for new marketing materials or complete campaigns. Please tell us your idea and we will come back with effective solutions.

Where can I find the file after download?

Most browser have an icon on the top bar where downloads are displayed. If you click on it, the file will be opend. Alternative please see your "Download" directory.

Can I change the content of the marketing materials?

Some files can be changed. But in order to provide you more services, we will set up individual campaigns where your campaign details will be included.

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